Thursday , 21 March 2019

What’s On

Jesse Pumphrey @ Middle Pub
Mar 21 @ 7:00 pm
Jesse Pumphrey @ Middle Pub | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia

A mix of Blues/rock and Acoustic/Folk originals and covers.

Steve Tyson @ Byron Fresh
Mar 21 @ 7:00 pm
Steve Tyson @ Byron Fresh | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia

Steve Tyson was born into a fertile Brisbane music scene. His earliest bands, Gentle Art and Spike, played in underground blues and r&b clubs whilst he was still at school. His two later projects, Rough Red and twentysevens, have released nine albums over the past two decades, and Steve has been a major contributing songwriter for all of these records. Both bands have toured extensively in Europe, with folk-rockers Rough Red having performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Skagen Festival in Denmark, Vikedal Roots Music Festival in Norway, Brosella Festival in Belgium, Bardentreffen Festival in Germany, Skuleberget Festival in Sweden, Galway Arts Festival in Ireland, Paide Shanty Festival in Estonia, and Charlety Stadium in France. Steve’s blues/rock band twentysevens was invited to tour the UK in 2006 as support act to legendary British group Status Quo, playing 31 shows in 42 days throughout England, Scotland and Wales, at venues including Wembley Arena. Individually, he played in the Australian touring band for Chuck Berry, and in Gentle Art and Spike as the support act in Australia for Billy Joel, Elton John, Black Sabbath, and Canned Heat.

His critically acclaimed debut solo record TEMPLE DOG, released in 2011,  was an eclectic mix of contemporary story-based folk songs, with nods to roots music and jazz, delivered with innovative musicianship by Steve and a team of fine players. Stories gleaned from Steve’s travels through exotic locations such as India, Russia, Japan and Vietnam were interspersed with tales of post 9-11 trauma, family skeletons, caustic political satire, and matters of the heart.

His second album GREEN SIDE UP, released in August 2014, was recorded predominantly in Steve’s own studio in the Byron Bay hinterland, where he now lives. For much of the inspiration for this new record, Steve had to look no further than his family history, with stories of his great-grandmother’s tough life in rural Queensland, his great uncle’s capture and imprisonment during the Great War, and his French ancestors fleeing from religious persecution in the 16th century,  intertwined with more stories from the road, love, murder and a healthy dose of black humour. He toured this album extensively through Australia with an assorted band of players, dubbed The New Felons.

Steve continues to gig with Rough Red, who celebrate their 21st anniversary in 2016. He is currently writing and recording his third album.

Elena B Williams @ Treehouse on Belongil
Mar 21 @ 7:30 pm
Elena B Williams @ Treehouse on Belongil | Federal | New South Wales | Australia

Elena b Williams is a Samoan singer songwriter. With beautiful reviews from The Waifs & Toni Childs, have a listen to a unique original artist.

“Some things I have done, you know the bla bla.
Winner of Best Canberra Live Music Award.
Top 10 two times in the OzMusic Awards.
Two Songs on ABC TV show The Gods of Wheat Street 2013.
Played on Pete Murray’s album Summer at Eureka.
Seasoned performer at Festivals and venues around Australia.
It does not really matter what I have done or who I worked with, what is important is that happiness and love is always in your heart.”

Josh Rawiri @ Beach Hotel
Mar 21 @ 8:00 pm
Josh Rawiri @ Beach Hotel
Blues . Rock . Experimental . Fusion
Jock Barnes @ Beach Hotel
Mar 22 @ 5:00 pm
Jock Barnes @ Beach Hotel | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia

A life spent travelling the world can be the catalyst for a great story.

 Jock Barnes is a professional surfer, musician and songwriter who has collected a world of inspiration to create original lyrical content and original re-workings of his musical influences of Acoustic blues, rock and pop.

Having performed his music to audiences the world over and having shared festival line-ups with likes of Groove Armada, De La Soul, The Darkness and Everything, Everything, Jock’s music bares influences as diverse as the audiences he has played to.

With a blend of covers spanning from Jimi Hendrix to Bernard Fanning, Ray Charles to Johnny Diesel as well as his own original compositions, Jock’s live performance has a way of engaging an audience and is one not to be missed.

Matthew Armitage @ Sun Bistro
Mar 22 @ 7:00 pm
Matthew Armitage @ Sun Bistro | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia

Matthew Armitage is a blues man, a truly unique guitarist and a thoughtful songwriter who is independently crafting his career throughout Australia and New Zealand. His sound melds together a traditional blues aesthetic, with the influence of soul music, folk song and coastal and latin sounds to create a style all his own. The result is a soulful, mellow and deeply engaging musical experience.

While based in Wellington, NZ, Armitage was deeply involved in the music scene and went on numerous national tours with bands such as Family Cactus, OdESSA, Good Laika, Ginger Brown and more, some taking him internationally to Berlin and New York.

Now living in the Northern Rivers NSW, he has developed his own solo style and voice, and new collaborations with Byron Bay bands, The Swamps and Chesta Hedron which have earned him a respected spot among local musicians and audiences, keeping his efforts diverse and sustainable as a full time gigging musician.

The Over Oceans EP released in 2014 showed Armitage testing the waters of the studio with his own newly inspired songs and offered a first glimpse of his unique songwriting, production and guitar playing beauty.

Now in 2018 he has been preparing to share his first album length collection of songs, New Tide. The performance of this album centres around his acoustic nylon string guitar, foot stomp percussion and engaging vocals in his own laid back style. Performed live over the course of one day, additional overdub sessions were then included to bring New Tide to life.

Following the footsteps of classic bluesmen and songwriters before him, Armitages New Tide shares stories of the journey, the blues, new love, positive affirmations and realisations along the way, set in his new abundant Australian musical landscape of foot-stomping blues influenced songwriters and surfers.

NEW TIDE released 8th June 2018

His first single “Love From Afar” released 9th March 2018 is a bluesy foot stomping rumble… watch the latest video here >>>>

Timbuktu @ Treehouse on Belongil
Mar 22 @ 7:30 pm
Timbuktu @ Treehouse on Belongil

Timbuktu are a Northern Rivers NSW based 7-piece ensemble led by guitarist, vocalist and live-looper, Joe O’Keeffe. After living in France and the UK where there are vibrant West African musical scenes, Joe became strongly influenced by these rich and varied musical cultures.

Drawing from the likes of Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Ali Farke Toure and Thomas Mapfumo amongst many others, he writes original songs and creates arrangements from vintage 60s/70s tunes from the Golden age of Highlife to the rise of Afrobeat and Ethiofunk.

Full line up of Timbuktu includes Joe O’Keeffe (guitar/vocals), Cam Smith (trumpet), Dave Stephenson (trombone), Brent Calcutt (keyboards), Anthony Mitchell (bass), Rod Evans (percussion) and Benji Keogh (drums).

Round Mountain Girls @ Beach Hotel
Mar 22 @ 9:00 pm
Round Mountain Girls @ Beach Hotel | Brunswick Heads | New South Wales | Australia

They’ve graced the stages of Bluesfest, Port Fairy, Woodford, Gympie Muster, Urban Country, Mud Bulls, Caloundra and Tamworth music festivals as well as some of the most prestigious venues in the nation, rubbing shoulders with the best acts Australia has to offer……welcome to the world of Round Mountain Girls.

The Legend – This is a story of love, deceit and parallels. This is the story of the Round Mountain Girls.

Folk have always flocked to the small coastal enclave of Bogangar in search of surf and peace. Behind the village, looming over it like a guardian angel is Round Mountain. Mystery has always surrounded the mountain. The biggest mystery is that of the women of Round Mountain. They are beautiful and single. As it turns out this is the web of the Round Mountain Girls.

Systematically over the centuries the mysterious women of Round Mountain have been seducing surfers and travelers alike. Many men have reappeared after several days confused, not knowing what had happened or where they had been.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha”, the locals would laugh. “RMG’s gotcha!”

The Round Mountain Girls had used the men for pleasure in unnatural ways. Some men were kept, although amongst the villagers, it was not known why.

The leader (and the hottest) of the Round Mountain Girls had a fetish for ’80’s music, bluegrass and virgins. Like any normal obsessive compulsive, she began collecting men of this description. Her particular penchant was for fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, guitar and percussion. Not unusual, but the musicians themselves must be virgins. This line up would be centuries in the making.

By 1989 five men were incarcerated on Round Mountain. The women had been saving them until the line up was complete. It so happened that the final addition to the captives was a young fiddle player of virginal quality. Now the Queen could have her band for the sacrificial orgy in honour of the guardians of Round Mountain.

Some members of the band had been enslaved for over a century and were desperate to escape. The men knew of the Queen’s vices and had seen her writhing in ecstatic pleasure to a lone banjo in the evening. “If one instrument can do that..?” They pondered. A break-out was hastily devised. The next evening they positioned themselves at the entrance of the cave, instruments in hand.

This was to be their one off chance for freedom. As darkness descended a sweet bass rhythm dubbed its way into the valleys of Round Mountain and a banjo began picking a hearty puck from the entrance of the cave. From all corners of the mountain girls appeared. The Round Mountain Girls rolled about the cave’s edge in lustful excitement. The Queen appeared and was delighted and she too began dancing dramatically before their eyes. Without warning, from behind a large rock, sprang the fiddle and mandolin.

“Lets Go!” came the cry. A guitarist leapt from a ledge above, swaggering to and fro and the drummer began knocking out a hasty beat. The women were at breaking point. “Run”, someone cried.

The Round Mountain girls were immobilized from the waist down and were unable to give chase. The musicians ran down from the mountain, and did not stop until they reached the safety of the bowlo car park. Gasping for breath, they got out their instruments and began to play. Within a few minutes a large and enthusiastic crowd had gathered around them offering security they had not felt for decades. As they played, and the throng danced, the men grinned at each other, safe in the knowledge that life would never be the same again…

It is now 2018. The men have wandered lost through the ’90’s and noughties, no longer virgins but strangely confused after the trauma of Round Mountain.

They now play the very songs they were forced to play on Round Mountain.

They used to play for pleasure of the most unnatural kind.

They now play for you.

They are The Round Mountain Girls.

Ben Jansz @ Brunswick Hotel
Mar 22 @ 7:00 pm
Ben Jansz @ Brunswick Hotel | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia
Ben Jansz is an Australian musician from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Given his first guitar at the age of 10, Ben only ever wanted to indulge, perform and experiment in the world of music since he can remember. At the age of 16 he acquired his first residency as a live performer and ever since has gigged all around the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and regional Victoria.
In 2015 Ben decided to get out and travel the East Coast of Australia on a self-funded tour/ journey of self-discovery. Throughout his journey he gigged all up the East Coast till he made it to Byron Bay where he met Ben Taggart (Benjamin K Taggart) and Michael Aragon busking on the streets, they called themselves ‘The Bengel Tigers’. He then performed and experimented for a few months with The Bengel Tigers till Ben Taggart left to continue his own journey overseas. After that Ben Jansz formed ‘Lions Eye’ with percussionist Michael Aragon and continued performing around the Byron Region for another few months. Having written and recorded his first EP on the Gold Coast he made his way back down to Victoria to release the EP. Since returning Ben Jansz’s reputation has boomed in music world down on the Peninsula, getting his first ticketed event supporting one his greatest inspirations Kim Churchill.
Ben Jansz’s style and sound is a combination of Blues & Roots, Folk, Rock, Indie, Reggae and Alternative inspired by some of his main inspirations such as John Butler, Kim Churchill, Foo Fighters, Bob Marley, Xavier Rudd, Matt Corby, Sticky Fingers plus many many more the list goes on. He’s been said to sound like a good combination of his inspirations with his powerful and controlled vocals and talented Folky/Rootsy guitaring skills. Living by his words ‘tomorrow I’ll be better than yesterday’ Ben believes that the only person you should strive to be greater than is yourself, making the possibilities for self-growth limitless.


Cassie Rose with Al McLeod @ Lulu's Cafe
Mar 23 @ 11:00 am
Cassie Rose with Al McLeod @ Lulu's Cafe | Eltham | New South Wales | Australia

Re-igniting the flame of simplicity & song… Cassie Rose tells her stories from the heart… for the heart. Gently weaving tales of life, love, travel & reflection… Oozing honesty & a love for melody & harmony… her soft touch on her guitar & piano paves the way & creates the space for her truly delicate voice to take play… extending a hand to all to share & experience her musical & life journey through her songs…