Thursday , 25 April 2019
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BAILANDO Latin Dance Party

We have a real treat for you over the next two Bailando Parties :

6:00pm ….. come for dinner, a drink and enjoy 40 minutes, which is half of, the film, “La Salsa Cubana”

La Rueda de Guanabacoa is a dance group from the outskirts of Havana who strives to win the Cuban national TV dance competition. Along with the group’s journey, we hear about the fabulous Cuban music, delve into the dancers’ personal lives, the history of Rueda, as recalled by the old school dancers who were there at the time. This is an authentic and rare view of Cuba today and the dancing that lifts the national spirit. Use the film to brush up on your Spanish, as it’s sub-titled. You will feel as though you have spent time in Cuba and it will deepen your knowledge and further ignite your passion for Rueda.

7:00pm Cuban Rueda Dance Class with Potts facilitating, working our way through the calls at the attached link. The more you’ve studied before hand (there are video links from the list), the further we will get through the list on the night.

Two DJ’s, Michael Costas and Avital , both deeply passionate about music from the Carribean who regularly visit Cuba to add to their musical collection, will play from 8pm until 11pm, finishing with a few Kizombas to wind us down.

The suggested format for our DJ’s is Timba, Son, Bachata, Salsa, Timba, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Salsa (repeat pattern … with the exception of a suitable tempo 3:2 son clave track for Rueda on the hour and on the half hour through out the night.) You could make any special requests known here as they prepare their play lists.

$15 at the door covers all of the above. Our DOFI (Director of First Impressions) has requested that you bring the correct admission charge …. if that is confusing, just bring a $10 and a $5 note with you.

Bar from 6pm until 10pm, with the cafe serving delightful food until 8pm.