Wednesday , 20 February 2019
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Ragga Jump

Changing the world one song at a time – We at Ragga Jump want to have some fun, pay some bills, spread some joy and fight the good fight . . . ALL AT THE SAME TIME ! . . . SO . . .
Ragga jump -Is primarily the recording act of singer songwriter/guitarist John Fog.
You may like funky music with a reggae flavour – Well Fog is working back the other way – Reggae music with modern Funk sounds of big Phat Moog riffs weaving with classic one drop drums and Ragga clavinet and reggae basslines. . . Seriously cool stuff !
Ragga Jump also play live around the Byron Bay area in Australia. Depending on the venue you may hear all their originals or you may get a mix of popular Reggae/Afro/Latin Covers and Ragga Versions of classic rock.