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Yeshe & Peter Hunt

A journey through the weave of their musical worlds; their voices accompanied by Yeshe’s mBira (Zimbabwean thumb piano) and nGoni (african string-harp) and Peter’s guitar and trumpet.
As two songmen each with their distinct sound and bag of songs crafted and evolved over many years of honing and sharing in music along various paths the two share a natural meeting place that they’ve been returning to since Peter, better known for his part in Kooii, joined the boat of Yeshe’s World Citizen’s band a decade ago to tour to the Parihaka Peace festival in Aoteroa (New Zealand).

Peter Hunt allows for spirit to dance in the music and space he holds. It is one that welcomes listeners through it’s intrigue, heart-feeling and river-like undulating rhythm. Weaving together threads from the inspiration he draws from afican, reggae, and jazz, Peter’s songs reflect his search for and realisation of a connection with city, country, the people that share it. One of this region’s significant contributors to the wealth of it’s musical culture, Peter’s creation with the group Kooii has been inspiration for many frequently raising crowds to ecstatic states when they perform and inspiring listeners around the world. In performing on guitar, the subtlety and warm power of his voice comes forth as he shares his music with unguarded love and acceptance. In merging with Yeshe’s music he translates his voice through the trumpet, answering the call of the roots and wings of Yeshe’s music.

Yeshe has explored all corners of the globe in developing a rich tapestry of sound and a vivid collage of musical culture. He embodies the musical nomad, drawing heavily from his African teachings and expressing his music with a sophisticated style and distinctly cosmopolitan flavour.

A chance meeting as a teenager, at his birthplace near Dusseldorf, with Mustapha Tettey Addy – a world renowned Ghanaian master drummer and ethnomusicologist – became the foundation for his musical evolution and the African sound which would feature so prominently in his music. Inspired by Addy, young Yeshe embarked on his first of many journeys living and studying in the villages and ghettos of West Africa and Zimbabwe.

Yeshe especially became interested in traditional African melodic instruments, in particular the ‘Mbira’ of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and the ‘Kamele Ngoni’ of the Bambara people of Burkina Faso (which both later became the centerpiece of his music), each time going straight to the source to immerse himself into the culture.

In the early 80s Yeshe met Canada’s most awarded blues artist Harry Manx and the pair have since collaborated and toured together with many different acts around the globe – Manx would have a tremendous and powerful influence on Yeshe’s future musical development, eventually inspiring his solo career.

It was after a tour late in 2003 that, with Harry Manx’s production guidance, they would record Yeshe’s début album entitled World Citizen (which charted and won multiple international awards), released through Manx’s Canadian-based label Dog My Cat Records. “Yeshe’s music will never go out of fashion, this kind of music will remain relevant for ages to come,” says Manx.

In 2011, Yeshe released his finest work to date in Roots & Wings, with the opening track ‘Peace Of Mind’ voted Number One in the World category of the esteemed Billboard World Song Contest. Progressive, evolving and rooted powerfully in the earth, Roots & Wings sees Yeshe continue to push cultural boundaries to find new sounds, new experiences and share simple messages of hope and peace.